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My name is Tu-Ky Lam. I live in Wellington, the beautiful and vibrant capital of New Zealand.

I am a Tai Chi enthusiast, who has tried very hard to find a shortcut to the mastery of this ancient Chinese martial art. After learning, practicing, teaching, and researching for so many years, I realize that if we do standing exercises, practice Taijiquan (Tai Chi) with the correct torso methods and do push-hands (to test our skills) we can improve our skill steadily. Doing individual movements can help prepare us for free sparring.

My Lineage

Chen Fa-ke — Chen Zhao-kui — Ma Hong — Tu-Ky Lam.

My book

My book, Demystifying Tai Chi Chuan - a Synopsis, is now available at Amazon.com.

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Extracts of discussions in the e-groups at taichichen.com

My articles in other languages

An Italian translation of my article, The Rotation of Dan-tian in Chen Style Taijiquan, is available in Microsoft Word format at Marco Morena's Martial Arts Page under the title La rotazione del Dan Tian.

A Spanish translation of my article, How to Align Your Body For Better Qi Flow: A Guide to the Correct Practice of Taijiquan, is available at this Spanish taijiquan page at lycos.com, translated by José Manuel Megias.

A German translation of my article, The Function of Taijiquan Routines, is available at this German martial arts blog, translated by Karl-Heinz Klug.

About me

I like reading books or articles on other internal martial arts such as Xing Yi-quan, and Yi-quan, and try to absorb their techniques into Taijiquan. More...


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